I bought Bitcoin on Swan Bitcoin after following your link. Now it’s asking me to provide a withdrawal address. Where do I find that?


The best way to get a bitcoin withdrawal address is to set up a wallet with a reputable provider. Popular wallet providers include hardware devices such as Trezor, ColdCard, or Ledger. Or as a beginning step you can download a wallet for your phone, this would be called a hot wallet. The best way to download a Bitcoin hot wallet is to use a reliable wallet provider such as Blue Wallet or Muun Wallet, . Each of these wallets provides a secure and easy to use hot wallet for storing and managing Bitcoin. BitcoinBam has provided links to these wallets on the Bitcoin Companies page. After you have set up a wallet, you will be provided with a unique deposit address that you can use to send and receive bitcoins.


Bam recommends you use the link to download Blue Wallet then proceed to this great tutorial on setting up a Blue Wallet on your phone with Ben at BTC Sessions on Youtube. This link is also provided on the BitcoinBam education page.


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